Meaning of all wet in English:

all wet

Pronunciation /ˌɔːl ˈwɛt/

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North American
  • Completely wrong.

    ‘I may be all wet on this point’
    • ‘By the way, most people think Roberts is all wet.’
    • ‘Jeff actually knows what he's talking about, thinks I'm all wet on this one.’
    • ‘If the polls are all wet and the final vote breaks sharply one way or the other, people will want to claim the election as a historic watershed.’
    • ‘Their publishers are all wet about copyright.’
    • ‘You don't have to be a ‘Biblical scholar’ to know that what you wrote was all wet.’
    • ‘I suppose we could just thank our lucky stars that all the negative prognostications were all wet and leave it at that.’
    • ‘Your discussion of the intellectual property debate is all wet.’
    • ‘Since I'm not an economist, I might be all wet about this.’
    • ‘No sooner does the Consultant Debunking Unit dip its toe back into the waters of consulting-speak than it stumbles onto jargon that turns out to be all wet.’
    • ‘But up next, Coke's plans to sell bottled water overseas are all wet.’