Meaning of All Whites in English:

All Whites

plural noun

  • 1The New Zealand international men's soccer team.

    ‘the All Whites got a grip in the middle of the field’
    • ‘He retired early only 16 games short of 100 All White appearances.’
    • ‘The All White mingled with the crowd before heading off to Wellington.’
    • ‘A former All White's skipper is finding success off the soccer pitch as he turns his hand to the world of business.’
    • ‘The All Whites goalie's drinking problem became public knowledge.’
    • ‘He has always looked the goods, right back to when he played here and was representing the All Whites in the Confederations Cup.’
    • ‘He denies he's leaving because of the All Whites poor performances in the Oceania Nations Cup.’
    • ‘It was inconceivable that the All Whites would lose.’
    • ‘Last week's story prompted wild dreams about him coaching the All Whites.’
    • ‘On paper the All Whites are way below their Australian counterparts and should not be entered in an Olympic qualifying competition against them.’
    • ‘It is important that the All Whites continue to play test matches and make overseas tours.’
    1. 1.1All WhiteA member of the New Zealand international men's soccer team.
      • ‘according to the stats, he ran more than any All White’