Meaning of allanite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈalənʌɪt/


mass noun
  • A brownish-black mineral of the epidote group, consisting of a silicate of rare earth metals, aluminium, and iron.

    ‘Large titanite euhedra are abundant along with apatite and zircon, with allanite and epidote less so.’
    • ‘In his 1885 report, Eakins described allanite and gadolinite from the area.’
    • ‘Gadolinite and allanite intergrowths form walnut-shaped vitreous black masses and nodules to 5 cm across.’
    • ‘Up to 20% of allanite's weight could be composed of these rare earth elements, making allanite a potentially valuable ore.’
    • ‘The first account of allanite from Wales was that by Thomas (1909) and Fearnsides (1910), concerning the discovery, in the Ffestiniog Granite Quarry, of an 'unknown and very interesting mineral' in 1908, which was identified a year later as allanite.’


Early 19th century named after Thomas Allan (1777–1833), Scottish mineralogist, + -ite.