Meaning of allegoric in English:


Pronunciation /ˌalɪˈɡɒrɪk/


See allegorical

‘Whilst he writes of his anxiety for the future, he also takes the stoic attitude I remember so well in him when he writes, in part (in somewhat allegoric French): ‘There you have it, the life of a new immigrant.’’
  • ‘In his later films Pasolini preoccupied himself with the poetic, allegoric, and mystic in search of a purity of experience that he believed civilisation and modernity had despoiled.’
  • ‘The long robe of the allegoric figure as well as her appearance over water would be familiar to the majority of the nominally Catholic French nation as an allusion to the Virgin Mary.’
  • ‘It's been described as an allegoric journey of the evolution of human consciousness.’
  • ‘The allegoric dimension is irresistible - as darkness descends on film's old magic of chemistry and optics, its offspring, video, is coming into the light.’