Meaning of allegorist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈalɪɡ(ə)rɪst/

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See allegory

‘The Christian allegorists, recharging the remaindered Pagan symbols, hope to exorcise the residual energies of the pagan world.’
  • ‘Kafka wrongly gets posited as a political or humanitarian allegorist, when his stories are rather personal series of images and processes that cannot be conclusively unlocked.’
  • ‘Allegorical imagery is appropriated imagery; the allegorist does not invent images but confiscates them.’
  • ‘He begins by noting that the Renaissance humanists fell into two groups: the philologists who believed that value lay in the original meaning of words, and the allegorists for whom truths lay beneath the veil of art.’
  • ‘His narratives usually lend themselves to rich allegorical readings, and Tsui can be a very skilful allegorist when he wants to be.’