Meaning of allegorization in English:



(also British allegorisation)

See allegorize

‘Giotto's frescos run in four bands along facing walls of the chapel, depicting (from top to bottom) scenes from the life of Mary, scenes from the life of Christ, and allegorizations of virtues and vices.’
  • ‘But the specific point of this particular allegorization and appropriation is, in a kind of recursive loop, to support the sacred poetics which the narrator is building for himself.’
  • ‘The phrase ‘in the space of six days’ simply echoed Calvin, who like the other Reformers, spoke against the allegorization of a minority of the Church Fathers.’
  • ‘Yes, perhaps we can see that a figural interpretation of the parable is an appropriate step, but what about the wholesale allegorization of all the details?’
  • ‘Likewise, the reader draws ethical consequences from the process of allegorization and emotive investment.’