Meaning of alley cat in English:

alley cat

Pronunciation /ˈalɪ kat/

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  • A cat that lives wild in a town.

    ‘But look, everyone knows that when Gray Davis gets his back up against a wall, he comes out fighting like an alley cat.’
    • ‘I don't want to insult you or anything, but girlfriend, you look like an alley cat caught in a downpour.’
    • ‘Befriend an alley cat that could benefit from some catnip and a few rubs.’
    • ‘But fear not, the morals of the inhabitants have not been reduced to those of an alley cat.’
    • ‘From the litter of kittens that were due to be born by a female alley cat that was currently being looked after by a vet, the next Mookie would become his pet, and best friend.’
    • ‘Elsie and Ena were chalk and cheese: Ena considered Elsie a flashy harlot with the morals of an alley cat; Elsie thought Ena was a mean-tempered, interfering old battle-axe.’
    • ‘He was in the kitchen, preparing an elaborate plate of kibble for Beryl, a scarred alley cat he had recently acquired while searching an abandoned house for valuables.’
    • ‘Paint crinkled off the walls of buildings from age, and no sign of life could be seen anywhere save for the occasional squeak of a rat or scurry of an alley cat chasing its dinner.’
    • ‘He refuses to be confined to one place but prowls among New York, Rome, and India; he cultivates the air of an aristocratic alley cat.’
    • ‘He leaned against the wall, watching an alley cat below.’
    • ‘In your case, with this particular kind of lie, the unhappy answer is that the guy is a player with the morals of an alley cat and the truth quotient of Pinocchio.’
    • ‘It is while stranded that Duchess meets O'Malley, an alley cat.’
    • ‘One year at Westminster Seminary, the students adopted an alley cat - or it adopted us, we never were quite sure which.’
    • ‘Some may have considered her beautiful but Hazel had always thought she looked like an overgrown alley cat, ready to pounce.’
    • ‘However, the sudden movement frightened a nearby alley cat, sending it screeching into the night.’
    • ‘His mother-in-law has a mouth like a sewer and the manners of an alley cat.’
    • ‘When he needed his alley cat instincts, they were there, under all that domestication, all that soft living, which he takes for granted.’
    • ‘Some are gifted incredibly with musical or artistic aptitudes, while others yowl like alley cats and can't draw a straight line.’
    • ‘No one from the apartment across hers had an open window, though some of their laundry was on a clothesline, and to her amusement a pair of flannel boxers had fallen and down alley cats were using them for a bed.’
    • ‘Instinct is marvelous attribute when it comes to separating the tigers from the alley cats.’