Meaning of alligator fish in English:

alligator fish


  • A small, slender bottom-dwelling fish of the north-western Atlantic, with an armour of bony plates and two curved spines on the snout.

    Aspidophoroides monopterygius, family Agonidae

    ‘He showed me a unique ‘pez lagarto’ or alligator fish that he had caught and prepared for us.’
    • ‘I demanded an explanation of this new threat, and she told me everything she knew: alligator fish are bottom feeders with big chompy teeth.’
    • ‘The most abundant species in the total catch from all gear types were rock sole, northern sculpin, Pacific halibut, butter sole, Aleutian alligator fish, and fourhorn poacher.’
    • ‘We saw giant clams on the staircases; jacks swimming in the strong currents off the sides of the ship; a camouflaged alligator fish on the deck; and large siphon sponges decorating the hull.’