Meaning of alligator pear in English:

alligator pear


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another term for avocado
‘In order to reach them, Carvajal inscribed a message on the core of an alligator pear, hid it in a melon, and asked the jailer to bring the fruit to his relatives.’
  • ‘I will enjoy having help picking the peaches, plums and feijoas while some of the more active young people will enjoy climbing up the big avocado trees to pick the alligator pears.’
  • ‘He has seven kinds of fruit on the place, including alligator pears and guava.’
  • ‘To be sure, now and then one hears of somebody who fancies alligator pears without dressing.’
  • ‘The first time we went to the Chambord, a very good restaurant, he said to me, ‘Jose, we will have one of your tropical fruits because I see on the menu they have avocados, alligator pears.’’