Meaning of alliteratively in English:



See alliterative

‘Repeating the word ‘field’ in the second clause, however, Warner balances it with form, alliteratively cinching together the natural ‘field’ with its scientific meanings.’
  • ‘As Gunderson alliteratively put it, there were other better explanations of a more pronounced class identification in this period than ‘Nash's cumbersome contrivance of class consciousness arising in poverty.’’
  • ‘I myself was named alliteratively because my father always wanted to be able to step outside on a warm summer night and holler through cupped hands, ‘Come hither Heather Hamilton.’’
  • ‘‘The prejudicial effect would far outweigh the probative value,’ he added alliteratively.’
  • ‘Do they manage to translate the names of the Endless into other languages alliteratively?’