Meaning of allographic in English:



See allograph

‘Such technique of, we could say, cloning could be accounted for in Goodman's terms as transforming the art of painting from singular to multiple and yet without changing it from autographic to allographic.’
  • ‘And this is one of the distinctive features of the allographic arts.’
  • ‘In other words, to count as an instance of an allographic work, a performance has to take into account performance practice relevant to the period.’
  • ‘But little work has been done at the allographic level, which is the level of a truly useful sign list, nor at the graphic level, the level at which the identifying characteristics of individual scribes are to be found.’
  • ‘We are running a project to assess (cognitively and functionally) the reading and writing of healthy individuals and an allographic dysgraphic patient, PP, who fails to maintain case whilst writing and is insensitive to mixed case when reading.’