Meaning of allometric in English:




See allometry

‘Substantial differences in, for example, cranidial width and the length and shape of the cranidial border, are generated by variation in the rates of allometric change during ontogeny.’
  • ‘The presence of an allometric relationship between brain and body mass is widely recognized in the literature, although the nature of this relationship may vary considerably between taxa.’
  • ‘The new allometric equations presented by the authors advance our understanding of seabird energetics in important ways and enhance our ability to predict energetics and conductance.’
  • ‘Based on these allometric regressions, it appears that the total cost of transport for many swimming mammals is significantly higher than predicted for fish of comparable body mass.’
  • ‘The greater return rate in ponds with small zooplankton is likely to be due to allometric differences between large-bodied and small-bodied grazers.’