Meaning of allonge in English:


Pronunciation /əˈlɒ̃ʒ/


  • A slip of paper attached to the end of a document to give room for further endorsements.

    ‘The endorsements are given either on the bill itself or an allonge, are expressed by the words bon pour aval or their equivalent, and signed.’
    • ‘I'm starting to wonder if we might have a serious fraud problem going on with blank endorsements and allonges.’
    • ‘Frankly, no one should ever be using an allonge if there is room for an endorsement on the original note.’
    • ‘Across the country, banks are attaching allonges to original promissory notes, then using the attached allonge to allege their ownership of the note and their standing to foreclose.’
    • ‘Allonges have had a way of magically appearing in collateral files while trials are in progress.’
    appendix, codicil, postscript, afterword, tailpiece, rider, coda, supplement, accompaniment


Mid 19th century French, ‘lengthening, drawing out’.