Meaning of allosteric in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the alteration of the activity of an enzyme by means of a conformational change induced by a different molecule.

    ‘The effectors that modulate the activity of these allosteric enzymes are of two types.’
    • ‘Although numerous allosteric enzymes were studied, much less information is available concerning the coordinated regulation of activities in multienzymatic complexes.’
    • ‘All of the interacting proteins and protein enzymes involved in allosteric regulation are controlled by gene expression.’
    • ‘Physiological biochemistry has emphasized the role of key regulatory enzymes that display allosteric control and nonequilibrium reaction states.’
    • ‘Could similar phenomena occur at other enzymes, particularly allosteric enzymes where structurally similar dihydrofolate plays a regulatory role?’



/aləˈstɛrɪk/ /aləˈstɪərɪk/