Meaning of allow me in English:

allow me

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  • Said when making a polite request or offering help.

    ‘please allow me to introduce myself’
    • ‘'Here, allow me,' came a woman's voice from behind him’
    • ‘Hurriedly, she added, "Please allow me to thank you for your service."’
    • ‘Allow me to be among the first to congratulate you on your acceptance.’
    • ‘Kindly allow me the courtesy of your columns to convey the following to my Indian brethren.’
    • ‘I am very grateful for those who allow me the honor of being read.’
    • ‘Thanks to you all for allowing me to a part it.’
    • ‘Thank you for allowing me to print this second chapter in your life.’
    • ‘Thank you for allowing me to share this special time with you.’
    • ‘They then allow me, a former student pilot, to give it a go.’
    • ‘Allow me, at this point, to introduce my old friend Maria.’
    • ‘Allow me to start by confessing that tension between the two young Mrs. Ferrars was the least apparent conflict of this evening.’