Meaning of allus in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːləz/


non-standard spelling of always
‘‘Why is she allus right and me allus wrong?’’
  • ‘When we reckoned on t'Saturday night (we allus reckoned on t'Saturday, you know), we had £50, and then there was the expenses to come off after that.’
  • ‘Mary's wearin’ the long black dress that allus made her look so prim an’ proper, a real contrast to Marcie.’
  • ‘I allus thought the critter was a crayfish, but meant to evoke Scorpio, the moody, dangerous Water Sign.’
  • ‘Doc Harris knows what he's talking about and we allus knew this would happen.’
  • ‘It's good that your father's well, but then he allus did manage to fall on his feet didn't he?’


Mid 18th century (in the form awlas): representing a regional pronunciation. The form allus dates from the early 19th century.