Meaning of allyl in English:


Pronunciation /ˈalʌɪl/ /ˈalɪl/


as modifier
  • Of or denoting the unsaturated hydrocarbon radical —CH₂CH=CH₂

    ‘allyl alcohol’
    • ‘The biosynthesis of many important primary metabolites (such as cholesterol) proceed through intermediates that contain the allyl alcohol functional group.’
    • ‘Epichlorohydrin is an important epoxide whose creation comes mainly from hydrochlorination of allyl chloride.’
    • ‘Garlic and onions are medicinal for their allyl sulphides antioxidant and detoxifying activity.’
    • ‘Initially our efforts concentrated on the two allyl side chains attached to the heterocycle via a methylene group.’
    • ‘The onion family (including leeks, chives and scallions) is rich in allyl sulfides, which can help lower high blood pressure and show promise in protecting against cancers of the stomach and the digestive tract.’


Mid 19th century from Latin allium ‘garlic’ + -yl.