Meaning of allylic in English:




See allyl

  • ‘An example that Blackmond often uses is the asymmetric hydrogenation of the allylic alcohols geraniol and its isomers (g geraniol and nerol) carried out while she was at Merck.’
  • ‘For substances containing allyl or allylic side chains a direct mechanism of action involving an allylic cation which then reacts with nucleophilic centers of nucleic acid bases has been discussed in the literature.’
  • ‘Decomposition of these primary photoproducts to give secondary products arising from allylic hydroperoxide degradation - either by Hock rearrangement or by alkenyl ether epoxidation - was also observed.’
  • ‘Abstraction of the double allylic hydrogen of CDH by triplet BZP would lead to a radical pair; this could explain the formation of benzene and all the detected minor photoproducts.’
  • ‘In complementary experiments, CHD and CHDCA were used as models for LA as they also have double allylic systems.’