Meaning of almonry in English:


nounplural noun almonries

  • A building or place where alms were formerly distributed.

    ‘Imagine the annoyance of the Abbot of St Augustine at having his new almonry snatched out of his hands.’
    • ‘Next, Sir Lancelot told the adventures of the Graal which he had seen, and this likewise was written and placed with the other in almonries at Salisbury.’
    • ‘An unbroken list of masters of the almonry school exists dating from the fourteenth century until 1538 when the monastery was dissolved.’
    • ‘He built six almonries and ruled in all goodness.’
    • ‘For the people the king erected almonries at the four gates of the capital, and hospitals, with slave boys and maidens to wait upon the sick.’



/ˈɑː(l)mənri/ /ˈalmənri/


Late Middle English from Old French au(l)mosnerie, from medieval Latin eleemosynarius (see almoner).