Meaning of aloe vera in English:

aloe vera

Pronunciation /ˌaləʊ ˈvɪərə/


  • 1mass noun A gelatinous substance obtained from a kind of aloe, used especially in cosmetics to soften or soothe the skin.

    ‘The liquid creatine of today has come a long way with the help of ingredients such as soybean oil, colloidal mineral complexes and aloe vera gel.’
    • ‘If babies are teething, rub peppermint oil or aloe vera gel on the gums, or give them a teaspoon of the chamomile/ginger tea brew as needed.’
    • ‘Sun Dog offers a solution for that winter-induced dry skin with new hand and body lotions made with only natural ingredients, like aloe vera, vegetable glycerin and organic hemp oil, and free of chemical preservatives.’
    • ‘The company's dishwashing liquid, for example, contains surfactants made from vegetable oil, as well as ingredients such as aloe vera and wheat protein.’
    • ‘Firm Gel also conditions hair while holding it with a blend of aloe vera, moisturizers, vitamins, and green tea extract.’
    • ‘Start using a soap that has aloe vera and other moisturizers in it.’
    • ‘Haas also recommends applying honey and creams containing aloe vera to the skin.’
    • ‘The mask is impregnated with ginseng, vitamin E, aloe vera and green tea.’
    • ‘Later on, the masseuse covers the client's body with a dark chocolate body mousse, consisting of mineral-rich French clay, dark chocolate, shea butter and aloe vera gel.’
    • ‘Keep your lips soft and supple by moisturizing them with non-medicated balms containing conditioners like aloe vera, vitamins A and E, and cocoa butter.’
    • ‘Udderly Smooth hand and body lotion with vitamin E and aloe vera helps restore softness and moisture to dry, chapped skin.’
    • ‘Its mouth-tingling blend of certified organic tea tree oil, aloe vera, clove and cinnamon helps fight bacteria and soothes irritated gums.’
    • ‘She's got her arms full of packages of fig newtons, containers of pitted dates, sunflower seeds, papaya juice, avocado face cream, aloe vera soap, and wheatgerm shampoo with matching conditioner.’
    • ‘Although it is best known today as a cosmetic ingredient, research is confirming the value of aloe vera in the treatment of numerous disorders.’
    • ‘At the same time I see people bypassing the plants in their garden and their grandparents' knowledge to spend a month's income on foreign, processed aloe vera in a plastic bottle with a smart label, believing it to be a ‘modern’ medicine.’
    • ‘Creams or ointments containing aloe vera or propolis (a natural anti-microbial agent extracted from beehives) have been found to help reduce the discomfort of cold sores and hasten their healing.’
    • ‘Enriched with shea butter, aloe vera, palm oil and essential oils, this bar cleans, hydrates and conditions the face and body, and gives great shave foam!’
    • ‘She is delighted that in a survey conducted among the UK's independent retailers by Health Food Business, Faith In Nature's organic aloe vera range came tops.’
    • ‘Organic jojoba oil and aloe vera gel star in this thick conditioner that softens dry, damaged hair.’
    • ‘Cami, I burned my back at the beach, can you put on some aloe vera gel?’
  • 2The plant that yields aloe vera, grown chiefly in the Caribbean area and the southern US.

    Aloe vera, family Liliaceae (or Aloaceae)

    ‘The aloe vera plant is grown typically in dry areas and is actually a member of the lily family, although it has a more cactus like appearance.’
    • ‘They resembled a cross between a cactus and an aloe vera plant; thick and fleshy, with hairs extruding from their tendrils.’
    • ‘You can grow your own aloe vera plants, or purchase the stabilised liquid extract or gel from your health food store.’
    • ‘I pulled a big leaf off the aloe vera plant beside the porch, split it and applied the gel to the cut.’
    • ‘We also bought a wide terracota pot to replant the big aloe vera plant in at some point - apparently they aren't deep rooted and prefer wider shallower pots.’


Mid 18th century modern Latin, literally ‘true aloe’, probably in contrast to the American agave, which closely resembles aloe vera: both plants were formerly classified together in the lily family.