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Pronunciation /əˈlɒŋ/

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  • 1Moving in a constant direction on (a road, path, or any more or less horizontal surface)

    ‘soon we were driving along a narrow road’
    • ‘he saw Gary run along the top of the wall’
    • ‘The oxen continued to plod along the dusty prairie.’
    • ‘Instead we found ourselves trundling everywhere in a clapped-out truck along roads with challenging surfaces.’
    • ‘Further on, ignore some steps to the left and continue along the top of the gorge.’
    • ‘We wandered along in the other direction until we came to the Imperial golf course which we decided to cut across so we could see the canal.’
    • ‘Jeeps sped along in both directions on the dirt track.’
    • ‘He shot through the gap and continued along the narrow lane that would eventually reach a main road.’
    • ‘But running, especially pounding along on a hard surface like a road or path, can put a lot of strain on joints.’
    • ‘The boy shook his head and continued along the narrow corridor that he had led them to.’
    • ‘A folder was thrown onto the table; it slid along the smooth surface to land in front of her.’
    • ‘He swept his finger along the surface of the mantle and turned to her, grinning.’
    • ‘He ran his hand along the surface and felt it curve upward, then downward again.’
    • ‘The lady returned to her side, her dress rustling softly as it slid along the smooth surface.’
    • ‘It bounced along the rocky surface, sending dust flying and making it even harder to see.’
    • ‘A pensioner had her handbag snatched as she walked along Shrivenham Road on Sunday.’
    • ‘Because this road is used by so many commercial vehicles, many trucks pass along the road each day.’
    • ‘The bell rang for wake up call as she hurried along the passage to the showers.’
    • ‘He was made to walk along a winding passage then up steps and suddenly he felt a chilling breeze.’
    • ‘I walked through the park, and along a small dirt path, through some trees.’
    • ‘Dusk was gently closing in and the mist rolling up from the Ribble estuary as we parked the car and set off along the tow path.’
    • ‘We were strolling along the coastal path and sat down on the grass for a rest and to enjoy the panoramic view across the bay.’
    down, throughout the length of, from one end of … to the other, through, across
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    1. 1.1Used to refer to the passage of time or the making of progress.
      ‘you'll pick up some valuable tips along the way’
      • ‘they can be helped along the road to modernity’
      • ‘I was hesitant about passing along this information for two reasons.’
      • ‘Her plan puts the onus on landlords to collect the information and pass it along to the city every time a new tenant moves in.’
      • ‘I know that the quality of the food is not her area, but I asked her to pass the information along for me.’
      • ‘If all the computer could do was pass along the information it received, it could not be credited with recognizing anything at all.’
      • ‘In his early days, William's father was not sure his son was progressing along the right lines.’
      • ‘This racehorse has been progressing along the right lines.’
      • ‘And, if we are lucky we are able to advance the cause of progress a bit along the way.’
      • ‘Einstein had reached the final version of general relativity after a slow road with many errors along the way.’
      • ‘This is important information that can be passed along to a partner.’
      • ‘This has turned out to be a truly fascinating project as it was easy to see progress at each step along the way.’
      • ‘Unless we're talking about immortality, it really is just one more progression along a road we've been on for hundreds of years.’
      • ‘I wanted to pass along this school's method of attempting to keep the decibel level to a minimum.’
      • ‘If you die in 2010, you can pass along all your assets to your heirs without a penny to the state.’
      • ‘I've now seen the entire series, and I think I may be able to pass along some wit and wisdom.’
      • ‘Then, you encounter someone who takes you either further into your chosen field or in a whole new direction along the way.’
      • ‘But moving right along, here is a little bag that I have made out of one of my screen print projects.’
      • ‘Moving swiftly along, what's the best thing about living in Scotland's capital?’
      • ‘Moving swiftly along, the publishing industry certainly seems to agree with me.’
      • ‘Moving right along, there is a Thai section, which on our Saturday night had noodles and Gaeng Keowaan.’
      • ‘Each stage along the way has extended and corrected the achievements of its predecessors.’
      on, at a point on, in the middle of
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  • 2Extending in a more or less horizontal line on.

    ‘cars were parked along the grass verge’
    • ‘you should definitely explore the paths along the river’
    • ‘hotels are springing up all along the coast’
    • ‘They line the grass verge along the roadside, proudly displaying flags and banners.’
    • ‘In severe years the sea ice extends along the north coast, and in extremely severe years it reaches the south coast.’
    • ‘The wall was eventually extended along the border between East and West Germany.’
    • ‘To my utter surprise, there were pink tulips all lined up neatly up along the path.’
    • ‘But I noticed one thing and that was the absence of cars parked along the street.’
    • ‘A stone walkway led to the enormous home, and out front, the cars were parked along the street.’
    • ‘You're driving along a road in a residential area, no doubt there are cars parked along the side which means there is only room for one car to pass.’
    • ‘They are often found in open areas with cliffs, and along rocky coasts and rivers.’
    • ‘Mrs Kerr said cars were lined along both kerbs as a white Ford Transit van approached from the opposite direction.’
    • ‘Amy woke up while the world was still dark, and only a thin line of grey along the horizon indicated the coming of dawn.’
    • ‘When he entered the small road he was alarmed by an unusual concentration of cars parked along it.’
    • ‘If successful, the scheme will be extended to smaller retailers along the High Street.’
    • ‘It is a pity that a visit to this Park was marred by the presence of a lot of litter right along the new concrete path at the side of the Park.’
    • ‘This created jobs both in agriculture and in the major ports that sprang up along the coast.’
    • ‘Whole towns have sprung up along the border within sight of Thailand's army and authorities.’
    • ‘Motorists will benefit from a quieter, safer road surface along the A650 after resurfacing begins today.’
    • ‘Traffic then builds up in all directions, even along Leeds Road, Church Street and beyond.’
    • ‘He suggested that a strip of ordinary road surface be put along each side of the road for the horses to walk on, thus making everyone happy.’
    • ‘Reasonable ledges, however, continue along the narrow rift to where the shaft widens out.’
    • ‘The first lagoon is situated at the top of the hill and the system of lagoons progresses downwards along the contours of the land.’
    beside, by the side of, on the edge of, alongside, next to, adjacent to, close by, in a line by, one after the other by
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  • 1Moving in a constant direction on a road, path, or any more or less horizontal surface.

    ‘he continued to plod along’
    • ‘we sailed along’
    onwards, on, ahead, forwards, further
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    1. 1.1Used to refer to the passage of time or the making of progress.
      • ‘they asked how the construction was coming along’
  • 2In or into company with others.

    ‘he had brought along a friend of his’
    • ‘I went along to see Ray’
    • ‘she was thrilled to be along for the ride’
    • ‘make sure you take a camera along’
    as company, with one, to accompany one, as a partner, in company
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    along about
    North American informal, dialect
    • Round about (a specified time or date)

      • ‘we could head out along about six’
    along the lines of
    • In a similar way to or of a similar kind as.

      ‘he suggests we set up an impartial body along the lines of the Federal Reserve Board’
      • ‘a charming love story along the lines of Four Weddings and a Funeral’
      • ‘any suggestion along those lines would be resisted vigorously’
      • ‘there are numerous other examples along similar lines’
    along with
    • In company with or at the same time as.

      ‘I was chosen, along with twelve other artists’
      • ‘A hole five metres by four and two metres deep had been dug, along with trenches on either side.’
      • ‘Volunteers will be given a free compost bin along with a small kitchen collection bin.’
      • ‘There were two supermarket trolleys in the pond along with plastic bags and litter.’
      • ‘They were later recovered by police from nearby bushes, along with a box of pellets.’
      • ‘She brought dried and fresh herbs for sale along with copies of a book she has written on the use of herbs.’
      • ‘As if everything was absolutely normal she'd hand him his cup of coffee along with a kiss.’
      • ‘When Charles was a boy he would inspect the troops along with his mother or grandmother.’
      • ‘The world has gone mad, and has lost its sense of proportion along with its sanity.’
      • ‘A knife was found nearby along with five notes he had written to his friends and family.’
      • ‘The pedals need replacing along with other parts that have worn out over the years.’
    be along
    • Arrive.

      ‘she'll be along soon’
      • ‘He'd be along soon and I knew he'd love to see them up close.’
      • ‘Another health scare will doubtless be along soon.’
      • ‘Oh, they are sure to be along one day soon - aren't they?’
      • ‘Another reconfiguration will be along soon, and perhaps then it will be possible to emphasise some of the emerging innovations and rely less on the hackneyed old solutions.’
      • ‘But the best thing about the band is that if you don't like their present incarnation another will be along any minute.’
      • ‘I tell him not to worry - feeding time will be along soon.’
      • ‘Chaps, this is about half the group, the rest'll be along soon.’
      • ‘My Mum and brothers would be along soon enough, and they would likely do much more speaking than I had.’
      • ‘As per my request, Matt also gave Eddie a call to inform him of my state and Eddie said he'd be along as soon as he could.’
      • ‘She paused near the ticket booth, hoping the next ferry would be along soon.’


Old English andlang, of West Germanic origin; related to long.