Meaning of along the line in English:

along the line


(also down the line)
  • At a further, later, or unspecified point.

    ‘I knew that somewhere down the line there would be an inquest’
    • ‘She was maybe 20 and had vague hopes, somewhere down the line, of becoming an actor.’
    • ‘He's obviously spoken out at some point down the line and upset his manager.’
    • ‘They may be simply storing up more problems for themselves down the line.’
    • ‘After all, if a kid is talented at five, odds-on they will still be talented ten years down the line.’
    • ‘Alas, twelve months down the line and the whole project seems to be dead in the water.’
    • ‘It has been a long, hard struggle but, ten years down the line, her life really does seem to be back on track.’
    • ‘Twenty months down the line, the talks are off but the problems which prompted them remain.’
    • ‘Hopefully people will benefit a few years down the line if English managers get a good name.’
    • ‘In fairness, it's early days yet and some of these issues may be fixed down the line.’
    • ‘Naturally, somewhere along the line there will have to be an admission of guilt and the possibility of reconciliation.’