Meaning of alongshore in English:


Pronunciation /əˈlɒŋʃɔː/


  • Along or by the shore.

    ‘currents flowing alongshore’
    • ‘The direction of wave approach will also vary and, consequently, sediment movement in the coastal zone can be complex, moving onshore, offshore, and alongshore.’
    • ‘From mid-April to June, however, whalers would permit only benign conditions to prevail - NE winds, uninterrupted by reversals or surges in winds, currents, or ice motion - to keep the alongshore flaw zone accessible to boats.’
    • ‘Ice-floe trajectories from 24 to 26 April illustrate the middle of the period when the alongshore lead was steadily open, movement offices to the SW, and other stable conditions conducive to whaling.’
    • ‘Nearshore, the seaward flanks, in the lee of a SSW-directed alongshore flow, are steeper.’
    • ‘The Kelvin wave, the dominant component of the internal wave field, was responsible for alongshore velocities in the nearshore regions.’