Meaning of aloud in English:



  • 1Audibly; not silently or in a whisper.

    ‘he read the letter aloud’
    • ‘Proud of himself and unable to contain his joy, he began to read the letter aloud.’
    • ‘It's an error in judgment so colossal that it can't even be whispered aloud.’
    • ‘A mantra is the name of a sacred deity or a sacred phrase that you repeat silently or aloud.’
    • ‘The letter was addressed to Monteagle but it was read out aloud by his servant.’
    • ‘She didn't just show it to her, she ended up reading it all aloud and was rewarded with the first real chuckle we've had from her for weeks.’
    • ‘Another prisoner produced a bullhorn and read aloud a statement in English.’
    • ‘They wrote essays, or lectures, or sermons and they read them aloud.’
    • ‘She read aloud with a passion and urgency that eclipsed everything else around her.’
    • ‘Then a bell sounded as the name of each crew member and passenger was read aloud.’
    • ‘I was the one who read aloud the award citation as it was presented to her, and my voice choked up a bit.’
    • ‘Read that out aloud and consider the assumptions behind that belief system.’
    • ‘Unlike most books, children's books have to read well aloud, and Pooh is a delight to read aloud.’
    • ‘After the break, we took turns getting up in front of the class to read something aloud.’
    • ‘This is meant to be read aloud with some drama and fun even if you're not an actor.’
    • ‘Morris's interest in journalism was sparked by his father who would read the London newspapers aloud.’
    • ‘I can even get it to read my e-mail aloud to me, or documents that I have dictated, while I check them.’
    • ‘I used to read it aloud to my little brother, and we'd collapse into helpless laughter.’
    • ‘He performs his poems and children join in, writing their own poetry or reading his aloud.’
    • ‘There was genuine consternation at the bar as the newspaper report was read aloud.’
    • ‘His voice was clear and pronounced, as though he were used to reading such things aloud.’
    audibly, out loud, for all to hear, clearly, distinctly, plainly, intelligibly
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  • 2archaic Loudly.

    ‘he wept aloud’
    • ‘He was humming the song aloud and loudly, louder in fact than any man would have hummed it had he expected to bump into another human being.’
    • ‘She wept aloud, the room filled with her cries of pain.’
    • ‘Miranda was weeping aloud with the infant in her arms, as was Alannis standing beside her young lord.’


Middle English from a- (expressing manner) + loud.