Meaning of alpenhorn in English:


Pronunciation /ˈalp(ə)nhɔːn/

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(also alphorn)
  • A very long valveless wooden wind instrument played like a horn and used for signalling in the Alps.

    ‘The quartet's instrumental line-up - bass, piano and Arkady Shilkloper on horn, flugel, alphorn and alperidoo - means that we're a long way from Billie Holiday.’
    • ‘Dr. Hans brought up the fact that although the alphorns were still made in Switzerland from traditional pinewood, the strapping around the length of the horn was these days made from Thai bamboo.’
    • ‘Rollerbladers, red flames shooting from their helmets, sped across a stage while alpine cows danced and men in lederhosen played alpenhorns.’
    • ‘Switzerland's Christian Zehnder and Balthasar Streiff are more than simply a duo playing the human voice and the sonorous, avalanche-inducing alpenhorn off each other.’
    • ‘In the rarefied atmosphere of Davos, amid the snow-covered Swiss mountains and the distant sound of yodelling and alpenhorn, it is easy to lose sight of more down-to-earth issues.’


Early 19th century from German, literally ‘Alp horn’.