Meaning of alpha radiation in English:

alpha radiation



mass noun
  • Ionizing radiation consisting of alpha particles, emitted by some substances undergoing radioactive decay.

    ‘Long before artificial probes were available, subatomic researchers such as Rutherford relied on concentrated alpha radiation.’
    • ‘Capturing neutrons causes the boron nuclei to break apart, resulting in the emission of alpha radiation and lithium nuclei.’
    • ‘After the boron is selectively localized to the tumor, it is irradiated with neutrons that cause the release of alpha radiation from the boron atoms.’
    • ‘It is not really dangerous in such small quantities; but plutonium is nevertheless hazardous if ingested and absorbed into bone marrow, where its alpha radiation can destroy cells or initiate cancers.’
    • ‘Scientists of the National Institute for Health Protection in Macedonia detected eight times higher than normal levels of alpha radiation in the air during the air war.’