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alpha rhythm

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mass nounPhysiology
  • The normal electrical activity of the brain when conscious and relaxed, consisting of oscillations (alpha waves) with a frequency of 8 to 13 hertz.

    ‘Once a console session had begun, their beta wave levels rapidly decreased to well below the level of alpha wave activity.’
    • ‘The study reported that the brain absorbs L-theanine within 30 minutes and that higher doses increase alpha wave production and relaxation.’
    • ‘He claims that leftbrainers are functioning at the beta wave level, while rightbrainers are at the alpha wave level.’
    • ‘Scientists say television viewing increases your brain's alpha waves and slows your beta waves, making you feel mellow and relaxed.’
    • ‘During a medium hypnotic trance, the metabolism, breathing and heartbeat slow and the brain produces alpha waves.’