Meaning of alterative in English:



See alteration

‘Deborah Willis celebrates the alterative body of a black female body-builder: hard-muscled and tattooed, the woman's physical prowess is evident through the close-up of her contoured back and torso.’
  • ‘Amalaki is considered to be a Pitta rasayana, with astringent, stomachic, carminative, alterative, immunomodulant, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antipyretic, and trichogenous properties.’
  • ‘Medicines and herbs that are cooling, purging, laxative, antipyretic, alterative and blood detoxifying, cholagogic (releasing bile) are appropriate for treating Fire imbalances.’
  • ‘Cleavers is considered the best lymphatic tonic in the western herbal pharmacopoeia, and is both alterative and diuretic.’
  • ‘So given that combination of factors, poverty and much greater cost for alterative chemicals, that alone defines a rather severe problem.’
  • ‘Obviously from the above, scabious is expectorant, alterative, vulnerary and astringent.’
  • ‘In western herbalism these might be classified as alterative, blood purifying or detoxifying.’



/ˈɔːlt(ə)rətɪv/ /ˈɒlt(ə)rətɪv/