Meaning of Alumbrado in English:



historical Christian Church
  • A member of any of several Christian groups active in Spain (or its colonies) in the 16th and 17th centuries, and accused of heresy by the Spanish Inquisition; specifically (a) a movement active in the 16th century which challenged the authority of the Church in various matters, particularly by emphasizing direct communion with God; (b) a group of perfectionists or antinomians active in the 17th century. Also in extended use: a person who makes a (false) claim to spiritual enlightenment.



/ˌaləmˈbrɑːdəʊ/ /ˌaluːmˈbrɑːdəʊ/


Early 17th century. From Spanish alumbrado, use as noun of alumbrado illuminated, enlightened; past participle of alumbrar.