Meaning of aluminosilicate in English:


Pronunciation /əˌl(j)uːmɪnəʊˈsɪlɪkət/


  • A silicate in which aluminium replaces some of the silicon, especially a rock-forming mineral such as a feldspar or a clay mineral.

    ‘These minerals are hydrated aluminosilicates consisting of sheets of alumina and silica with interchangeable cations and considerable amounts of combined or loosely bound water.’
    • ‘In carbonate-rich soils, rapid neutralization of rainwater by carbonate minerals restricts the mobilization of aluminosilicates and oxides.’
    • ‘The weathering and decay of aluminosilicate minerals occurs by hydrolysis, and it is well documented that the rate of many hydrolysis reactions is sensitive to pH.’
    • ‘These aluminosilicates form porous structures whose cavities can act as storage for ions and molecules.’
    • ‘In concrete, when the lime and clays react, they form inorganic aluminosilicate polymers.’