Meaning of aluminous in English:


Pronunciation /əˈl(j)uːmɪnəs/


  • (chiefly of minerals and rocks) containing alumina or aluminium.

    ‘aluminous pelites’
    • ‘Mafic and ultramafic rocks predominate, although a few examples of metasedimentary rocks are known, including aluminous lithologies.’
    • ‘Associated units are sillimanite-bearing aluminous metasediments, quartzites, and arnphibolites.’
    • ‘Plagioclase is commonly variably replaced by aluminous prehnite, which indicates temperatures below 400°C.’
    • ‘It likely exists as a hydrothermal alteration product of aluminous materials.’
    • ‘Import tonnage of aluminous cement is small, however levels did increase by more than 33% to 41,137 metric tons.’


Late Middle English from Latin aluminosus, from alumen, alumin- (see alum).