Meaning of amacrine cell in English:

amacrine cell


  • A small nerve cell within the retina which has dendrites but no axon.

    ‘Its pathogenesis is thought to involve cone and amacrine cell dysfunction in the retina.’
    • ‘The best-studied amacrine cell synapses are those made onto ganglion cells and the feedback synapses made onto bipolar cells.’
    • ‘One of the major objectives of our work is to understand how the function of amacrine cell synapses is modulated.’
    • ‘Interestingly, our results indicate that signalling through different pathways can have convergent effects on amacrine cell function.’


amacrine cell

/ˈaməkrʌɪn/ /-krɪn/


Early 20th century from a-‘not’ + Greek makros ‘large’ + is, in- ‘sinew or strip’.