Meaning of amah in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːmə/


  • A nursemaid or maid in East Asia or India.

    ‘She had been a perfect amah and servant since her employment there began only a few years before.’
    • ‘These women have been called the first generation of feminists in modern China, and they worked as amahs in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.’
    • ‘I think of telling him that I would divorce the wife, send the kids to an orphanage, fire the amah, sell the apartment, and rent a flat in Sheung Wan.’
    • ‘Recent news reports have detailed abusive treatment of these amahs by some employers.’
    • ‘Often, they are negatively compared with a nostalgic image of the humble and loyal Chinese amah of the past.’
    attendant, retainer


From Portuguese ama ‘nurse’.