Meaning of amaretti in English:


Pronunciation /ˌaməˈrɛti/

plural noun

  • Italian almond-flavoured biscuits.

    ‘If you like, you can finish it with crumbled amaretti biscuits, sticks of shortbread, and of course, your butterscotch sauce.’
    • ‘If I can get them, I also like the addition of ratafia or amaretti biscuits soaked with the sponge for texture and that almond flavour.’
    • ‘Desserts included crumbled amaretti in a rich dark chocolate mousse and home-made apple tart made with thin slices of apple.’
    • ‘Still, the service was worth braving for the terrific, crispy cantucci, biscotti, and amaretti, richly-scented with aromatic bitter almonds.’
    • ‘In Italy, bitter-almond paste is used to make the crisp amaretti cookies, and bitter-almond extract gives amaretto liqueur its character.’
    • ‘Another day we make semi-freddo, combining the richness of heavy cream with bitter dark chocolate and the nutty flavour of amaretti biscuits.’
    • ‘Baked nectarines with crushed amaretti biscuits was a lighter and indisputably healthier alternative.’
    • ‘But both the French macaron and the American macaroon are based on the crisp Italian meringue cookies called amaretti.’
    • ‘A thick, dense slice of chocolate deliciousness, dotted with patches of softened amaretti cookies and surrounded by a deep red, tart raspberry sauce.’
    • ‘Dazzling ingredients, such as liqueur, fresh raspberries and amaretti cookies, are what lift these sweets from simple to sublime.’
    • ‘Sprinkle the amaretti crumbs in the base, then spoon over the fruit.’
    • ‘A rack full of goodies like olive paste and amaretti (intense and crunchy almond cookies) pulled me back to the counter.’
    • ‘Adding a small handful of crushed amaretti to a pumpkin ravioli filling is an Italian custom - it adds a light texture and a hint of sweet almond flavour.’
    • ‘Then came the main course, tender breast of duckling with peach, amaretti and baby vegetables.’
    • ‘Italian Amaretti biscuits are now widely available in supermarkets, as well as delicatessen.’


Italian, based on amaro ‘bitter’; compare with amaretto.