Meaning of amatriciana in English:



  • Denoting a spicy pasta sauce made with tomatoes, pancetta or bacon, and basil.

    ‘Katie had offered to help me assemble the ingredients for an amatriciana sauce’
    • ‘I ordered the rigatoni amatriciana’
    • ‘The spaghetti amatriciana is the best: chilli sauce (not too hot so as to overwhelm the other ingredients) with bacon.’
    • ‘For the main dish I ordered the linguine amatriciana.’
    • ‘The boy had the bucatini amatriciana, which I thought hands-down beat my pasta.’
    • ‘My wife had bucatini amatriciana and that was great.’
    • ‘We were less impressed with the bucatini (fat spaghetti) in an amatriciana sauce of tomatoes, prosciutto and pancetta.’
    • ‘A special of penne amatriciana was excellent: a smoky-flavored, chunky sauce loaded with pancetta and onion.’
    • ‘Having had the authentic amatriciana sauce in Rome, this was just OK.’



/əˌmatrɪˈ(t)ʃɑːnə/ /əˌmatrɪtʃɪˈɑːnə/


From Italian all' Amatriciana ‘in the style of Amatrice’, from Amatrice, a town in central Italy, + the suffix -ana.