Meaning of ambisexual in English:



  • Bisexual or androgynous.

    • ‘The ambisexual pair - both veterans of the Broadway revival - co-wrote and codirected the project, which they shot on digital video.’
    • ‘The artist's female figures reminded me of the ambisexual girls in artist Henry Darger's world.’
    • ‘The evidence for ambisexual behavior in Greek and Roman times has been amply collected.’
    • ‘They also seemed weirdly ambisexual: at least one seemed to sport eye makeup and extravagantly long lower lashes; another had a monobrow along with bouncy-looking, well-brushed hair.’
    • ‘They present a slick promotional video, with a story line involving a black athlete, an ambisexual model and a heavy disco beat.’


  • An ambisexual person.

    • ‘‘In one draft of the script, Derek described himself as ambisexual,’ says Stiller.’
    • ‘After we get to know Paula, we can see she's an ambisexual.’
    • ‘I believe in an interview they said he was ambisexual.’


1930s from Latin ambi- ‘on both sides’ + sexual.