Meaning of ambulacrum in English:


nounplural noun ambulacra/ˌambjʊˈleɪkrə/ /ˌambjʊˈlakrə/

  • (in an echinoderm) each of the radially arranged bands, together with their underlying structures, through which the double rows of tube feet protrude.

    ‘Furthermore, the placement of the ambulacra relative to the radials appears to be incorrect.’
    • ‘It is contained by four rows of plates with the plates smaller along the dorsal side, probably indicating an ambulacrum.’
    • ‘Four different groups of blastoids with moderately wide ambulacra evolved from groups with narrow ambulacra.’
    • ‘Food particles were transported along the radial ducts, which penetrate through the marginals, to ambulacra on the underside of the disc, and eventually to the central mouth.’
    • ‘Although there are ridges on the radial plates that underlie the most distal points of the ambulacra, they did not support recumbent ambulacra as shown by growth lines crossing these ridges.’



/ˌambjʊˈleɪkrəm/ /ˌambjʊˈlakrəm/


Early 19th century Latin, ‘avenue’, from ambulare ‘to walk’.