Meaning of ambush marketing in English:

ambush marketing


mass noun
  • The practice by which a rival company attempts to associate its products with an event that already has official sponsors.

    ‘Yesterday, the government announced plans to outlaw "ambush marketing" at major events.’
    • ‘A decisive factor is whether ambush marketing activities signify a serious breach of rights.’
    • ‘Ambush marketing is becoming a huge problem for every major international sporting event.’
    • ‘It is ambush marketing of the worst kind.’
    • ‘In a cheeky bit of ambush marketing, a billboard for Dooney's show was erected opposite the Melbourne Art Fair at the Melbourne Exhibition Building.’
    • ‘He was scanning visitors as they arrived, no doubt on the alert for any outbreak of unofficial ambush marketing.’
    • ‘The rationale for the proposed offence is to protect major events from disruption, and their sponsors from "ambush marketing".’
    • ‘Rights infringements range from the unauthorised sale of match tickets or counterfeit licensed products to unfair competition and ambush marketing.’
    • ‘For sponsors like these, the real risk is that the event will be taken over by ambush marketing.’
    • ‘There were political overtones, security risks and controversies over ambush marketing, sponsorships, contracts and what not.’
    • ‘I wonder if the ICC's rules of ambush marketing will apply for the game.’
    • ‘He emphasised that it was ambush marketing by intrusion, particularly, which the World Cup organisers are seeking to defeat.’
    • ‘Excess and ambush marketing may be taking their toll.’
    • ‘Attempted ambush marketing has already made headlines in Australia.’
    • ‘How can major events sponsors be protected against ambush marketing?’
    • ‘If ambush marketing is bad for the game, so is marketing of this nature.’
    • ‘That hard-line stance against ambush marketing shouldn't deter companies from pushing the envelope.’
    • ‘"It is impossible for any sporting organisation to effect team or competition sponsorship if competing ambush marketing is allowed as a principle," he said.’
    • ‘"I called it as it was, ambush marketing and piggy-backing on others," he retorts.’
    • ‘"Care has also been taken to avoid ambush marketing and product clutter," said sources.’