Meaning of ameliorate in English:


Pronunciation /əˈmiːlɪəreɪt/

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[with object] formal
  • Make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.

    ‘the reform did much to ameliorate living standards’
    • ‘Improved social and economic conditions enhance health status and ameliorate problems of addiction.’
    • ‘At least some of these could be ameliorated by improved urban design.’
    • ‘He drafted it because he believed that the U.N. is the place to resolve such disputes and ameliorate such crises.’
    • ‘It makes constructive suggestions as to how the laws may be amended to ameliorate some of the adverse impacts on young people.’
    • ‘Thus, effects of water stress on the plant are partly ameliorated by this improvement in water supply, and partly by the reduction in canopy size and transpiration.’
    • ‘All of these have required long term care and treatment, only partially ameliorated by the settlement made by the manufacturer.’
    • ‘There's also evidence that they ameliorate depression and improve various mental functions.’
    • ‘The memo sent out by that task force in the spring addressed this concern and made suggestions for how the school might approach ameliorating the situation amid the current budget crisis.’
    • ‘The goal is to enact a more equal distribution of wealth and power across the world by democratic means, which maintain the positive impacts of globalisation while ameliorating its negative consequences.’
    • ‘Another bit of good news is that the campaign has prompted many members of the public to not only join the struggle but also contribute in different ways towards ameliorating the situation of survivors.’
    • ‘None of these institutes have made any appreciable contribution in ameliorating the harsh conditions and making agriculture an attractive proposition.’
    • ‘Rather than ameliorating his problems, however, these gadgets multiplied his frustrations exponentially.’
    • ‘Yet, the experts believe that family ties still play a major role in ameliorating the potential social distress caused by unemployment.’
    • ‘Government intervention would be better targeted at ameliorating this local dependency rather than artificially prolonging it.’
    • ‘Better to march with a powerful friend in the hope of ameliorating the worst of the excesses, rather than leaving him to his own blind devices.’
    • ‘Even the summer sunshine and drop in humidity isn't ameliorating things.’
    • ‘The humour ameliorates the violence in the statement.’
    • ‘We know nothing of course, but we do not remotely know even this, and mere assertion in no way ameliorates our destitution.’
    • ‘One wonders what such commentators would make of the recently developed notion that local laws should be ameliorated not by local sympathies but by international conventions.’
    • ‘As a father of four boys, some of them rather exuberant, I have carefully chosen elementary schools for my sons where the effects are somewhat ameliorated.’
    make better, better, ameliorate, upgrade, refine, enhance, boost, build on, help, raise, revamp, brush up, polish up, perk up, tweak
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Mid 18th century alteration of meliorate, influenced by French améliorer, from meilleur ‘better’.