Meaning of Ames test in English:

Ames test

Pronunciation /eɪmz/


  • A test to determine the mutagenic activity of chemicals by observing whether they cause mutations in sample bacteria.

    ‘It is also mutagenic, as demonstrated by the Ames test.’
    • ‘There is no evidence of mutagenic activity in animal experiments or in the Ames test.’
    • ‘Animal cancer tests and the Ames test led to much public concern about the contribution to human cancer of synthetic chemicals, including pesticides, in food and the environment.’
    • ‘The studies were performed under the direction of Dr. Bruce Ames, renowned expert on genetics and nutrition, and inventor of the Ames test for mutagenicity.’
    • ‘Two hundred and six compounds had data from Ames tests and at least two mammalian cell tests, and of these 51 were available for study.’


1970s named after Bruce N. Ames (born 1928), the American biochemist who devised it.