Meaning of Amharic in English:


Pronunciation /amˈharɪk/


mass noun
  • The official language of Ethiopia, a Semitic language descended from Ge'ez.

    ‘The dates on the tombs follow the Ethiopian calendar which is seven years behind the Gregorian; the inscriptions are written in Amharic, Ethiopia's official language.’
    • ‘Apart from working on these languages, the team has also put in place a system for translation from English to Amharic, an Ethiopian language.’
    • ‘Many of the groups are bilingual, and because of the legacy of Ethiopian domination over Eritrea, many Eritreans also speak Amharic, the Ethiopian administrative language.’
    • ‘On the dusty streets of Addis Ababa, O'Sullivan is at home trading banter with hawkers and children in Amharic, the Ethiopian language.’
    • ‘Most people speak Amharic even if it is not their mother tongue, because it is the national language.’


  • Relating to Amharic.

    ‘Most Eritreans rejected absorption into Haile Selassie's Amharic empire.’
    • ‘When differentiating between ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ art, he uses the Amharic terms bahelawi and zemenawi.’
    • ‘On the two open pages, in crude script, is the Amharic caption, ‘The nun at her prayers,’ followed by the date ‘1992 AM,’ i.e., the Ethiopian Year of Mercy 1992.’
    • ‘The Amharic script below his picture reads: ‘It is possible.’’
    • ‘The Amharic alphabet is made up of 33 letters and has seven vowels.’
    • ‘They overran the country in the 16th century, nearly obliterating the Amharic kingdom of the western highlands.’
    • ‘The analysis is embellished with sharp and appropriate quotations, the translations of which are impeccable and as elegant as the Amharic originals.’
    • ‘It is as though the written Amharic language, here mixed with other semiotic systems, becomes a mirror for the layered and amalgamated nature of oral language in exile.’
    • ‘Meqede was Queen of the land of Sheba (in Amharic she is also known as Saba).’
    • ‘These courses provide lesson planning capability and lesson tracking creating a virtual learning environment akin to having an Amharic tutor!’
    • ‘If a site already has an Amharic translation for the site name, use it.’
    • ‘You can imagine how time-killing Amharic typing could be.’


Mid 18th century from Amhara+ -ic.