Meaning of amma in English:


Pronunciation /əˈmɑː/


informal Indian
  • One's mother (often used as a familiar form of address).

    • ‘The early desert fathers and mothers, abbas and ammas, found it as they went to the desert to be alone and pray.’
    • ‘Great respect is shown the father or abba, and mother, amma.’
    • ‘In his paper on the evolution of the Urdu novel, he made an important connection of story telling with the age old tradition of dadi ammas - the elderly women in the family who used to tell little children stories.’
    • ‘The word amma doesn't need any explanation in any land.’
    • ‘We were literally sandwiched together to the extent that my amma's bangles were bent.’
    • ‘She wept - the blow was stinging… she would have to ask amma to put something on it, later.’
    • ‘The last words I heard from her were ‘amma come and save me please don't let them take me away.’’
    • ‘Like most people, one thing I miss often is my Amma’s cooking.’
    • ‘What I can’t understand is my amma’s obsession with her.’
    • ‘My amma prepared Chakka Varatti for me to carry along after my vacation.’


Probably derived from a child's word, perhaps influenced by amah.