Meaning of ammonium nitrate in English:

ammonium nitrate


mass nounChemistry
  • A white crystalline solid used as a fertilizer and as a component of some explosives.

    Chemical formula: NH₄NO₃

    ‘In that investigation detectives arrested eight suspects across southern England and seized half a ton of ammonium nitrate, a chemical fertiliser used in many bomb attacks.’
    • ‘Therefore, ammonium nitrate is the preferred nitrogen fertilizer for topdressing where incorporation is impossible.’
    • ‘One popular explosive for industrial use is made from fertilizers like ammonium nitrate or urea, fuel oil, and nitric or sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘A stable form of nitrogen such as ammonium nitrate is recommended to reduce volatilization.’
    • ‘When the number of nodules is insufficient to supply adequate nitrogen, it will be necessary to supply some nitrogen to the crop in the form of urea or ammonium nitrate.’