Meaning of amnio in English:


Pronunciation /ˈamnɪəʊ/

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nounplural noun amnios

another term for amniocentesis
‘You see the main complication of an amnio is that it can cause a miscarriage in a proportion of women.’
  • ‘Monday I go in for an amnio to make sure our baby doesn't have Downs Syndrome or some other chromosome disorder.’
  • ‘They need to get the amnio done anyway, to screen for congenital disorders.’
  • ‘I had three different nurse-midwives call me and lecture me on the low risks of an amnio, telling me that I was not taking things seriously enough.’
  • ‘We got a 99 percent all-clear for any neural tube defects and were told that the doctor saw no need for an amnio.’
  • ‘Look, Doctor, Kathy is going to get her amnio in a few weeks, we'll see what happens then.’
  • ‘We also decided not to tell anybody else until the results of the amnio came in.’
  • ‘My doctor has suggested we get an amnio at 14 weeks.’
  • ‘And yes you can get an amnio done just because you want one.’
  • ‘Although I understand their concern I am quite reluctant to get an amnio and take any risk.’