Meaning of amniotic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌamnɪˈɒtɪk/


  • Relating to the amnion.

    ‘The stalk lengthens as the fetus develops within its amniotic sac, and at the uterine end the blood vessels become part of the developing placenta.’
    • ‘Empirical antibiotic treatment is often indicated for preterm infants who seem well but who have specific risk factors for systemic infection, such as prolonged rupture of amniotic membranes.’
    • ‘Most preterm births follow spontaneous, unexplained preterm labor, or spontaneous preterm prelabour rupture of the amniotic membranes.’
    • ‘It is possible for infection to occur, and miscarriage is a further possibility, for example if the amniotic sac has been punctured during the procedure.’
    • ‘You may feel a sharp stinging sensation when the needle pierces the amniotic sac but this should only last a few seconds.’
    • ‘It is one of the few bacteria that can get past all the unborn baby's defences, crossing the cervix and amniotic membrane to create a pre-birth infection.’
    • ‘Rupture of the amniotic membranes can lead to formation of amniotic bands.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the majority of newborns exhibit excellent lower extremity vascular supply, unless it is compromised by an extrinsic factor, such as an intrauterine amniotic band.’
    • ‘And according to the results of their studies, these so-called amniotic epithelial cells could in fact be directed to form liver, pancreas, heart and nerve cells under the right laboratory conditions.’
    • ‘A pregnant woman goes into hospital, six-months pregnant, and, after a doctor confuses her for a different patient and tries to remove a non-existent coil, she is given an abortion after her amniotic sac is pierced.’
    • ‘Occurring in one in 15,000 live births, they are produced by thin bands of amniotic membrane wrapping around various parts of the extremity in utero.’
    • ‘They found two genes switched on in the amniotic epithelial cells that heretofore were believed to only be expressed in embryonic stem cells.’
    • ‘A suction-irrigation pump equipped with a fluid monitor is used to irrigate and replace the fluid in the amniotic cavity.’
    • ‘Down here in the amniotic warmth of Scotland's only heated salt-water pool you can lie back, watch the sea birds soaring overhead and look deep into your own soul.’
    • ‘The doctor can then open the amniotic sac and remove the baby.’
    • ‘Both of these procedures are left until after the sixteenth week of gestation in order to reduce the risk of injection outside the amniotic cavity.’
    • ‘The amniotic sac that contains your baby begins to form about 12 days after conception.’
    • ‘A foetus was aborted at 25 weeks because it had amniotic band syndrome, which causes deformities in the body parts.’
    • ‘Before a baby is born, it is surrounded by water in the amniotic sac.’
    • ‘Birth hormones are injected into the amniotic sac to induce premature birth.’


Early 19th century formed irregularly from obsolete amnios ‘amnion’ + -otic, perhaps via French amniotique.