Meaning of amontillado in English:



mass noun
  • A medium dry sherry.

    ‘Taste-wise, it feels more like a dry oloroso than amontillado, revealing, as it does, a dark, nutty, chocolate bite on the palate and a finish that delivers waves of salted hazelnuts.’
    • ‘With soup, try a tangy fino or nutty, dry amontillado.’
    • ‘Now I admit I may have written this under the influence of just a little too much amontillado but, nevertheless, you be the judge; read a few of his earlier delicious posts for a fuller and ‘Scottishly’ superb flavour’
    • ‘‘How can a nice middle-class gel like Kirsty go on holiday with that working class oaf,’ she slurred over her usual half-litre of pre-prandial amontillado.’
    • ‘Please feel free to reward yourself with a celebratory sip of amontillado, described as a ‘draft from heaven.’’
    • ‘The menu is luscious and specific - turtle soup accompanied by a fine amontillado; champagne with Blinis Demidoff; Cailles en Sarcophage with Clos Vougeot 1846; cheese and fruit; pudding; brandy and coffee.’
    • ‘If not breakfast, they should at least give him a sip of Amontillado for his efforts.’
    • ‘As a sip of Amontillado warmed its way down her throat, Marguerite asked the question that troubled her.’
    • ‘I waited inside at a mosaic-tiled bar until a table opened, which was just a couple of minutes - I'd barely had time to order a glass of Amontillado before being called back out.’



/əˌmɒntɪˈlɑːdəʊ/ /əˌmɒntɪˈjɑːdəʊ/


Spanish, from Montilla, the name of a town in southern Spain where the original wine was produced.