Meaning of amoralism in English:



See amoral

‘Traditionalists tolerate a certain amount of amoralism in the market because they see the market as an important disciplining institution - a valuable tool of social order.’
  • ‘In many of his over 150 tales, he flirts with mercilessness and amoralism.’
  • ‘Another is to retreat into various shades of nihilism, cynicism or amoralism, gazing blankly at a world of stone.’
  • ‘Older conservatives, informed by the just-war tradition and more sensitive to the idea of absolute moral standards than to the amoralism of Machiavelli, were capable of rendering critical judgments on their own governments.’
  • ‘At times, when he is demonstrating the realpolitik of court life, it seems that he is giving ‘courses of instruction in political amoralism.’’