Meaning of ampelographer in English:


Pronunciation /ˌampəˈlɒɡrəfə/


  • An expert in the study and classification of cultivated varieties of grape.

    ‘Galet refutes earlier ampelographers' suggestions of a genealogical link with Pinot Noir.’
    • ‘We cannot resort to tasting samples or nursery specimens; all we possess are classical texts written by authors who were not modern, scientifically trained ampelographers.’
    • ‘For many years no distinction was made between Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay since the two varieties can look very similar to all but the keenest ampelographers.’
    • ‘It was therefore known principally as Clare Riesling in Australia until 1976 when ampelographer Paul Truel identified it as this relatively obscure French variety.’
    • ‘A vine called Pedro Giménez is extremely important in Argentina but ampelographers believe that it is not the Pedro Ximénez of Spain.’
    • ‘The wines are certainly extremely similar and the extent of the House of Savoy in the 16th century would provide an explanation, but several respected Italian ampelographers dispute this theory.’
    • ‘The Monferrato in Piedmont is frequently cited as the variety's birthplace, although the ampelographer Pierre Viala cites Oltrepò Pavese in Lombardy as its original home.’
    • ‘The ampelographer Alberto Alcalde at INTA, Mendoza, has made considerable progress in vine identification in Argentina.’
    • ‘Ampelographic studies have recently been facilitated by application of computers and electronic data storage and retrieval, but final identification still relies heavily on the judgement of ampelographers.’
    • ‘Galet maintains that Sauvignonasse is identical to Tocai Friulano but this is disputed by Italian ampelographers.’


Mid 19th century via French from Greek ampelos ‘vine’ + -grapher.