Meaning of amphimictic in English:




See amphimixis

‘Also, the species' integrality means not only amphimictic reproduction; it is much more complex process.’
  • ‘The Catipes group has amphimictic diploids and tetraploids and derived from them are all of the polyploid agamic complexes in the genus.’
  • ‘Comparative investigation on spindle behavior and MPF activity changes during oocyte maturation between genogenetic and amphimictic crucian carp.’
  • ‘The results of analysis of the amphimictic progenies confirmed the proposed earlier hypothesis that the development of black patches in koi is controlled by one dominant gene.’
  • ‘Levels of apomictic and amphimictic seed formation in a natural population of Coprosma robusta in Riccarton Bush, Christchurch, New Zealand’