Meaning of amplexus in English:


Pronunciation /amˈplɛksəs/


mass nounZoology
  • The mating position of frogs and toads, in which the male clasps the female about the back.

    ‘pairs of toads in amplexus are easily caught’
    • ‘As a female enters a spawning area, several males engage in amplexus with the female; in this way eggs and sperm are broadcast over the substrate.’
    • ‘Of these, most resulted from a female initiating amplexus with a calling male.’
    • ‘Females choose mates without interference from males, which rarely exhibit satellite behavior, do not search actively for females, and do not displace other males from amplexus.’
    • ‘Axillary amplexus typically results in long strings of eggs being laid in ponds or streams, which hatch into type IV tadpoles.’
    • ‘Once this headlock - the scientific term is amplexus - has been achieved, the two can be disentangled only by force.’


1930s from Latin, ‘an embrace’.